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Commercial and At-Home Ice Machines in Austin, Texas

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Keeping Your Perishable Items Cool

Do you serve soft drinks to your customers? Do you transport or store perishable items and food? No matter your industry or domestic need, ice plays the essential role of keeping your inventory safe, preventing spoilage and maintaining temperature-controlled environments. That’s why Richard Lowe Refrigeration supplies business managers and consumers like you with high-quality, affordable ice machines.

Different Types of Ice for Any Application

Cube Ice
As one of the most common types of ice used in the commercial sector and at home, cube ice has several benefits. Cube ice is long-lasting, making it ideal for cooling beverages in a restaurant or convenience store setting. Cube ice can also be made in many shapes, including mass-market varieties and gourmet shapes for high-end drinks and uses. Our selection of ice machines includes models for these, and other, usages.

Flake Ice
Flake ice is easy to pack close together and form. This makes flake ice perfect for food displays and transportation of perishable items. This type of ice is also a safe way to cool beverages while avoiding the potential choking hazard of larger cubes. We provide flake ice machines that are ideal for use in laboratories, concrete plants, artificial snow facilities, medical facilities and more.

Nugget-Style Ice

Nugget-style ice is similar to flake ice products, but the cubes are shaped as irregular cylinders about the size of a marble. As a soft, easy-to-chew variety of ice, it is popular in the food service industry and at hospitals. No matter your need, Richard Lowe Refrigeration offers reliable makes and models from leading brands. We can get you the perfect ice machine for your residential or commercial purpose.

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